Friday, 11 January 2008

We couldn't be without our sisters!

They help us out with anything from PR and fashion advice to choreography and waitressing!

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Katie Ellerker said...

My pleasure!

I’m a huge fan of Coastal Creatives - it’s great to see two inspiring individuals (Rachael and Louise) follow their passions and push the boundaries of the retail industry.

Today’s high streets are full of mass produced gifts and almost identical stock, but Coastal Creatives is a breath of fresh air creating a unique shopping experience – dedicated staff to help you find that perfect gift for yourself or friends (both in the boutique and at their fairs), British designers/ products and exclusive ethically produced items/gifts. If that isn’t enough, they also offer you the facility to get imaginative and learn how to do it all for yourself.

Costal Creatives is a life style, a true gem and a one off experience that makes you understand the importance and essence of British contemporary design. Walking into their shop in a truly serene experience and fills you with desire to kick back, have a cup of tea and learn all the “old fashioned” domestic/ creative skills that our ancestors before us enjoyed so much.

Thank you Rachael and Louise! x